Divorcing couple

Spelling It Out

D-I-V-O-R-C-E. The reason or reasons for divorce are different for everyone. If you are reading this blog post, perhaps you are coming to the end of a marriage – or at least thinking about divorce. If you are, take a second to read through the words listed under each letter in the picture above and you may find your own spelling. However YOU spell divorce, you will more than likely need an attorney to guide you through the legal fog of the divorce process.

As you stood across from your spouse, stared lovingly into their eyes and said those magic words, “I do,” did you also know that you were saying “I do” to the Texas Family Code? Did you know that you were agreeing to share every dollar you earned from that point on with your new spouse? That’s right! You may be the big breadwinner in your household and you may think that it is “your” money or “your house” or “your car” because you paid for it, right? You slaved away at that corporation, not him! You built that business that bought you all those nice things, not her! Wrong, wrong, and wrong again. If you are filing for divorce in Texas, most of everything you earn is half theirs. That includes anything you bought using the money you earned. Did you realize that you were signing up for that when you said those words, “I do.”

Whether or not you are new to the divorce game or an old hat who has made this perilous journey a time or two before, hiring an experienced attorney to help navigate through these complex laws can make all the difference when you are going through the big D in the big D.