Woman in thought


I had the privilege of representing two young ladies who were assaulted by their father.  This is the poem that one of them wrote:


An African beat pounds my ears
What is it?
It’s the sound of my heart.
Earthquakes violently shake in me,
Confusing my eyes and
Threatening to shatter my hands, legs,
My mind.
Keep yourself together!
The earthquake hadn’t broken you yet!
Move, move.
You need to move.
No time for words.
The clock shows 5 ’til the volcano erupts.
You need to save them!
It’s coming,
Keep yourself together.
But I am strong!
Remember that.
Don’t try to stop me, hurt me, or slow me down.
For I am not your possession.
My heart beats on its own and I,
Am myself.
I will protect and let myself be known for I am brave.
I have the winning side!
I have the key to win all these battles.
Move, move,
I’m moving and I know we’ll make it.
I just know it.

And now it’s done.
The volcano has erupted,
The earthquake has died.
It’s done but it’s still here!
I can see the destruction everywhere.
I am safe,
I have completed my mission
but there’s a lasting handprint of these horrors.
How will I escape?
I won’t.
Not this time.
No running.
The aftermath is part of me now.
And I am not afraid!
I am more!
My heart is stronger,
Fuller, and I am more.