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Mediation is a method of resolving divorce and custody disputes without a trial. This allows the parties involved in the dispute to create a personalized solution for their issues. The divorce lawyers at The Branch Law Firm have experience on both sides of the mediation process. Not only do they attend mediation with their clients but they also provide mediation services to attorneys and to pro se parties. We can help you resolve complicated divorce and custody issues without court interference.

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What Is Mediation?

Mediation is a private and confidential way to resolve your case in a way that is often more affordable than the costs of preparing for a long, messy, public trial. It can also spare you and your children from appearing in court and being cross-examined.

A trained mediator can assist you with:

Resolving these issues through mediation can not only cut down your legal expenses and prevent court interference in your divorce, but it can also leave you and your ex-spouse with a more amicable relationship. Contentious divorces can be exceptionally hard on both parties, especially when they have children together and will need to interact with each other for the foreseeable future.

How to Prepare for Mediation

More people are choosing to mediate than ever before because it is both cost-effective and timesaving. Still, it is highly recommended that you perform your due diligence and prepare accordingly. While no mediation case is ever identical, we have created a list of recommendations that will prepare you for your upcoming session:

  • If applicable, speak with your lawyer prior to your visit
  • Create a list of goals, both short and long-term, that you feel will have the potential to benefit both parties
  • If children are involved, propose a parenting plan
  • Create a list of questions or concerns for either the mediator or the other party member
  • Expect the unexpected and remember that transparency will help the mediation process go quicker and smoother.

We pride ourselves in helping families achieve alternative resolutions to their issues, no matter how complex. Speak with our mediation attorney today for more information on how you can prepare for your upcoming session.

Our Mediators Are Ready to Help

Our lead attorney, Betsy Branch is a Board Certified Family Law Attorney and is trained as family law mediator. Having a mediator who is a family law specialist can assist you in reaching a creative solution for the division of your marital estate and your co-parenting needs. She has both the legal knowledge and life experience to help you craft am innovative solution that is customized for your family. We help families throughout Rockwall and the surrounding areas

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Commonly Asked Questions

What are the benefits of choosing mediation over a traditional court trial in Dallas?

Mediation offers several advantages over a traditional court trial, particularly in Dallas where the legal system can be quite busy. It provides a private and confidential setting, which can be less stressful and more comfortable for the parties involved. Mediation is often more affordable and quicker than going to trial, saving both time and money. Additionally, it allows for more creative and personalized solutions that can lead to a more amicable relationship post-divorce, especially when children are involved. This can be crucial for future co-parenting.

How can The Branch Law Firm, PLLC assist me with family law mediation?

The Branch Law Firm, PLLC in Dallas offers comprehensive mediation services for family law matters. Our attorneys have extensive experience in both representing clients during mediation and acting as mediators themselves. We can help you navigate complex issues such as child custody, visitation, domestic disputes, child and spousal support agreements, and divorce mediation. Our goal is to help you achieve a resolution that minimizes legal expenses and court interference, while also fostering a more amicable post-divorce relationship.

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