Advice for Single Parents from a Divorce Lawyer

Nothing is more important to mothers and fathers than ensuring their child is happy and healthy. Sometimes divorce is the best means of achieving this happiness, despite how frightening the prospect of single parenthood may be. While you may fear ending your marriage because of the adverse effects it will have on your children, you can avoid these pitfalls and prevent your child from any emotional, social, or psychological damage.

How Can I Protect My Child?

What children want most is to see their parents getting along, even in the non-traditional sense. This excludes cases involving abuse or domestic violence of any kind, in which safety takes precedent. You cannot successfully maintain a positive bond with your child if you are a constant source of contention. Arguments are impossible to eliminate, but they should be minimized as much as possible.

Your child will not understand the complexities of your marriage nor will they comprehend the intricacies of any conflict. They will simply see their parents failing to get along and draw their own conclusions about who to blame—blaming you, your ex, and even themselves. This can have irreparable damage on your child’s psyche and self-worth, sparking feelings of depression or resentment towards either one of you. Staying as amicable as you possibly can, at least while in the presence of others, is vital. Single parenthood is an intimidating challenge, though it doesn’t have to be.

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