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Probate is the legal process of presenting the written wishes of a person who has died to a court for filing as the "last will and testament". Probate also refers to the method by which an estate is administered and processed after one's death even when there is no will.

Probate gives an executor or an administrator the authority to transfer and distribute the deceased's estate in an orderly and supervised manner. The probate process includes naming the executor or administrator for the estate, identifying the heirs, notifying the creditors, creating an inventory of the estate, paying debts, distributing and transferring the deceased's property to the heirs, and closing the estate. The probate process takes place in Court.

A deceased's estate can be complicated by any number of factors, such as a claim of common law marriage, a child born outside of marriage, an improperly written will, or a marriage after a will was written or a will that fails to dispose of all of an estate. You deserve a compassionate, knowledgeable attorney to answer your questions and advise you on complex legal issues, explain your rights, and take you through each step of the process during your time of grief. Contact the professionals at The Branch Law Firm, PLLC of Rockwall, TX when you need experienced counsel on your side.

Receive experienced probate legal services:

  • Distribute assets, property, and belongings according to a written will or the law
  • Estate and probate administration
  • Representation in probate matters
  • Handle and file proper documentation

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