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Once a divorce is final, a new will is necessary to completely address the remaining legal issues. We all know death is inevitable. How your belongings will be handled after your death, and the welfare of your heirs, deserves pre-planning.

If you own a home, have a child, have grandchildren, have a significant other, own a car, have a job, have a bank account, have debts, have a favorite charity, have personal property, or any combination of the above, you can determine what happens to your belongings and property after you pass away.

If you already had a last will and testament prior to your divorce, it is essential that it be brought up-to-date following the significant change in your life since that document was written. The Branch Law Firm, PLLC of Rockwall, TX is experienced in drafting the detailed documents you need to ensure your property falls into the right hands.

In Texas, if you do not have a last will and testament, state law decides who inherits your estate and how your possessions are distributed. Rather than leaving your property to chance, an up-to-date last will and testament:

  • Allows you to decide who inherits your possessions and property;
  • Allows you to identify who receives particular items in your estate;
  • Allows you to select the person who oversees your estate after your death;
  • Allows you to develop a plan to reduce tax consequences for your heirs after your death; and,
  • Saves your estate the unnecessary expense and complications of a Court administered probate

Prepare for your future today:

  • Simple Wills
  • Simple Estates
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Medical Powers of Attorney
  • HIPAA Authorizations
  • Directives to Physicians
  • Living Wills

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